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a March 18th, 2012

  1. Fish and Bread

    March 18, 2012 by diane

    I thought I might have problems finding the need. What if  missions and shelters had everything – and everyone – they wanted? What if they didn’t want my cupcakes? What if….

    Matt of The Insight Program, after all, might have been the exception to the rule when he said, “Cupcakes? Teens? Bring it on.” But I know Matt, and he knows my baking. How will it go with someone I don’t know.

    It took less than 10 minutes to find out. After approaching The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children, I got back a wonderful response from Ginny, the executive director for development.

    “We serve a dessert with each of our lunches. Usually, the desserts we serve are store- bought and lack that special “made with love” touch. Would it be possible to have you do cookies/cupcakes for us that would be easily served to individuals? On average we see around 120-140 women and children each day for lunch—would that be a doable size?”

    Um. No. Not by myself. I’ve already struggled with 50 cupcakes for Insight – not in the labor, but in the storing and the delivering. What have I done? Did I really just start, just to fail?

    But then a plan emerged – along with some charter “Baked With Love” bakers. We can’t cover everyone every day. But we could do one delivery a month – hopefully in April on the Saturday before Easter. In May, we would do the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

    Keisha W., Mary S., Lynne A, and I will each make cupcakes – a total of at least 150 – and meet at the shelter. What was overwhelming is manageable. What seemed impossible was done.

    We would like to do more (hint, hint: What You Can Do). But we will do what we can do with what we have in time and energy. I’ll let you know what happens.

  2. Spiritual Cookies

    March 18, 2012 by diane

    Oreo cupcakes, first delivery to Insight Program

    Oreo Cookies is celebrating its 100th year of being dunked in milk. So it only seemed fitting that it be incorporated into the first delivery to Atlanta’s The Insight Program as part of the Baked With Love outreach.

    One hundred years of business. One hundred times to establish a truth. It all makes cosmic sense, right?

    What didn’t make sense is how to store and transport all those Oreo cupcakes. I have quickly found I am woefully unready for this mission.

    After all, buttercream frosting tends to droop in the spring days of the South, so I was forced to clean out the fridge: Out with the pickles, out with the carrots, out with my (beloved) Diet Coke.

    And when I got ready to carry them, I found those big bakers’ cardboard boxes are a little too flexible for 50 cupcakes, with oreos precariously perched on the icing. In came the hubby for reinforcement – literally. (He, along with the kids, also made the delivery.)

    That big baker’s box was, however, a perfect tableau for Emmie’s art work and our Very Necessary “We Love You” – check it out on the What We Are Doing.

    The result? No cupcakes left within 20 minutes, and an enthusiastic ‘thumbs up’ from the teens for the Baked With Love outreach.

    Here’s the oreo cupcake recipe – although I skipped the mint.