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  1. Egg-actly What We Needed

    April 5, 2012 by diane

    The merry band of BWL bakers has been scrambling about, getting ready to make more than 200 cupcakes for the Atlanta Day Shelter. About 200 cupcakes means about three dozen eggs.

    We had it covered – but serendipity is a wonderful thing. This week,  Stephen Brown, of Atlanta’s Cohn & Wolfe, suggested that local chefs and foodies try Pete & Gerry’s Organic Eggs for their recipes and report back.

    Being neither a chef nor an archetype  foodie, I – like Oliver Twist – timidly asked Stephen if BWL could get a crack at those eggs too. After all, I do know the basics – flour, sugar, real butter and great eggs – are the critical ingredients to delicious cakes. And when given a choice – anyone – high brow, low brow, grown-up or kid – can indeed taste the quality.

    Stephen, Pete & Gerry graciously granted my request. Then, Claire Addison, manager of the East Cobb Fresh Market, helped me track the compact boxes of six in her store.

    Being an Ohio farm girl – who, as a child, gathered eggs after school for her neighbors – I can appreciate a well-run, compassionate farm. Pete and Gerry’s is a real family farm “that has produced eggs for four generations in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.” They’re committed to producing fresh, organic, cage-free, Omega-3 eggs from hens that are Certified Humane.

    Heirloom hens are kept in spacious cage-free barns where “they can roam, scratch, perch and nest as they please.” This makes my daughter, Emmie, 8, very happy.

    When introduced to the idea that most chickens are caged, her brow furrowed. “What?” “Why?” The discussion went from bad to worse, as she learned that the chickens are often packed tightly. “That’s just not right.”

    So the idea that these eggs came from “happy hens” was happy news indeed. Especially when we believe that compassion is the cornerstone of this mission.

    But how did they look and taste? Sublime.

    From their beautiful mocha shells to their deep golden yolks, these are just pretty to behold. And taste? We thought the flour, sugar and butter were good enough, but it’s clear using such high quality eggs could be an addictive habit. They made the batter more creamy, more flavorful. And the cupcakes, baked, stayed moist and firm. Little dollops of joy.

    Thank you Pete & Gerry. You’ve made our Easter cupcakes egg-cellent.

    Emmie and Eggs