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Malik’s Fried Pies

March 30, 2012 by diane

I know a lot of teen boys, and they’re a rough crowd. All pent-up energy, with the sleekness of youth. Except….

Except, they’re still boys. With stinky clothes, and silly humor, and all sorts of things that can test a mother’s love. Malik is part of all of that – but more.

He’s smart and responsible, playing and mentoring his two nephews, EJ, 6, and MaChi, 2.

And he  loves music. He has taken drum lessons since he was 3. Malik got his talent from his dad, who passed away 10 years ago. And not only has he picked up his father’s abilities, but continued his traditions: His dad was the Minister of Music for the church, and now Malik often plays drums on Youth Sundays.

That could have been enough. He’s a nice kid. A talented kid.

But Malik also has compassion.

Malik sits on the teen board of the Community Welcome House, and works to try and raise money for the clients and their kids so they can go bowling, skating, movies and other stuff you do when your family’s not on the run from abuse.

As part of that, the board – led by adults Linda Kirkpatrick and Carole Ann Fields- suggested volunteers hold a bake sale.

“Malik has always loved watching his Granny - my mother-  in the kitchen,” his mom, Patrice, said. “He suggested we do fried pies for the bake sale and actually told me what to buy and how to prepare the pies.”

Malik, unknown to his mom, had learned it all  from working with his grandmother. “This was a well-kept secret,” she said. And even though his grandmother had passed away about six years ago, Malik remembered.

 ”So we  made the fried pies ( peach, apple, cherry, sweet potato) and they were the hit of the bake sale,” Patrice said. “We made about 60 and they were gone within 30 minutes.”

Ever since, Malik has been churning out pies for the home every week. A 14-year-old boy – taking a skill passed to him by his loving grandmother – and making a difference.

It’s not what we expect from a teen boy. But isn’t it always good to remember that sweetness of spirit can arise in anyone -when given the chance and the purpose.

Oh, and Malik comes by it naturally. His mom, Patrice, is one of 11 “Dancing Stars” – trying to also raise money for the Community Welcome House. Please click here and vote for her. It’s one dollar a vote.




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