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June, 2012

  1. Be Prepared – Boy Scouts and Bakers

    June 11, 2012 by diane


    After a hiatus, I’m back with the baking – this time, making about 130 cupcakes with my hubby and children for the Boy Scouts to celebrate nine young men who have worked hard enough to classify as Eagle Scouts.  My husband, Richard, made the actual cupcakes, and he and the children stacked them neatly for me to frost. I completely cheated this time – using vanilla and chocolate commercial frosting, along with smaller batches of homemade buttercream. We now own way too many cupcake pans – but it’s getting easier and easier.

    And I’m thrilled to say, we were able to serve vanilla, chocolate, Oreo, rosettes, German chocolate and cookies-and-cream iced cupcakes. The best sign of success: No leftovers.

    Meanwhile, the Alpharetta UMC has completely taken over the loving duty of taking care of the Atlanta Day Shelter and its bakers will be delivering their monthly shipment this Saturday. Like the Boy Scouts, they seem totally prepared!