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What You Can Do

It’s easy.

1) Call the charity of your choice and see if they could use homemade baked goods.

2) Set a schedule you can reasonably keep – without burning out – and set that with your charity administrators

3) Bake!

4) Write a note that says “We LOVE You,” (or use our printable stickers).

5) Deliver!

6) Take photos of what you send and photos of those you work with. Do not take photos of clients unless you have express permission to do so.

7) Let me know. Send me your photos, stories, links to both the charity and any business you might work with and/or own.

8) If you stumble upon a charity that has too great a need for one person – let me know – and maybe we can get several bakers to help you on a regular basis. Also, if your favorite charity can’t take baked goods – but does have another need – let me know – and we’ll post their needs.


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